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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hello Googlers :) Are you a member of Tata Photon+ family ? Pissed off because of its low browsing and download speed ? Here are some simple ways to increase your Tata Photon+ speed.

Tata Photon+ is a very High Speed Wireless Connection Modem that Offers a very high Bandwidth of 3.1Mbps. But Most of the users complain about getting low browsing and download speed around 50-100 kbps. Generally the speed of your connection is decided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
and Network that you are getting. The only thing you can do to increase your connection speed is by simply tuning your Windows Network settings. To do it manually follow the steps below. 

Steps To Tune Windows To Get Maximum Internet Speed -  

1. Download TCP Optimizer , install and run the program.

2. Open TCP optimizer and in the General Settings move the slider according to you sesired internet speed say 1 Mbps(It depends on the available speed). 


3. At the bottom change the radio button to 'Optimal' and press apply changes.

4. Now a new window will Pop-Up asking for applying changes and There check the 'Backup Otion' and click 'Ok'.

5. Restart Your Computer To Apply New Changes.

P.S - After the New changes are applied if you feel that somehow these changes has Decreased your Internet speed instead of Increasing then you can easily restore the previuos settings by using the backup that you have created in the TCP optimizer. To restore settings
1.Run TCP Optimizer.
2.Click 'File' and select 'Restore Backup Up Settings' and Select the saved backup file.
3.Your system will be restored back with default network settings.


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