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Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello Googlers ! I frequently get emails askin for 'How to start a blog' ? Although i am not a Blogging expert but i decided to share some of the blogging tips for begginers so that i can direct those readers to this post :)

There are many things you can do with your blog to make it more responsive and popular but here are some basic tips for begginers who want to make a successful blog :

1. Choose The Right Topic : Blog is like a personal diary, choose the topic that you are familiar with or you are passionate about. Pick one that you can write about at any time of the day. If you don't have the passion for your topic you will not be able to hold your readers. If you stick with the right topic sooner or later your blog will be a success.

2. Know Your Audience : It is very important to know your audience and the design and content of your blog should match their taste . For e.g. If your audience are mostly corporate proffessionals the design should be simple, elegant and classy. If your intended audience are teenagers then the design and content of your blog would be quite different than a blog targeted to corporates.

3. Content : To be a successful blogger you need to know that you can only attract readers by your content. If your Blog content is good readers will come automatically. Before writing about something do some research on it. Read other blogs or wikipedia article related to that topic. And  Don't try too hard just Write contents that YOU will love to read. Be innovative and creative about your ideas. Rather than writing a big useless post write a post with a good,creative,inspiring and helpful content.

4. Ask For Help : No one is perfect neither you nor me. If you get stuck at any point and need help then don't be afraid to reach out to fellow bloggers for help. Even the most experienced bloggers need help sometimes. The blogging world is an ever-changing place, no one knows everything about blogging. Remember the success of a blog depends on its social network. Therefore be willing to increase your connectivity.

5. Be Yourself : Your blog can't be a success if you aren't true to who you are. Don't try to do so many things just be natural and what you are. Don't worry much about grammatical mistakes and misspellings. No blog is perfect therefore throw perfectionism out of the window. 

6.  Be Patient : There is no magic spell to make your blog popular or attract thousands of readers in a day or a week. The only key to attract readers is a good-content and patience. So Chillax, dont think too much about traffic and popularity just be patient and keep blogging.

7. Be Willing To Learn : Everyday is a new day with some new topics to learn about. There are many features and tools that keeps changing frequently. Keep an eye on the latest features, tools and widgets maybe a new tool or updated feature can make your life easier and enhance your blog reader's experiences .


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