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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Google Android new OS, Key Lime Pie is currently the hottest topic amongst all the tech lovers.Google was expected to announce its release date on Google I/O conference but it did not do so. And now the rumours suggest that it could appear on the Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 11 tablet during the fourth quarter of this year.

What Features Should We Expect from Android Key Lime Pie ?

Android Key Lime Pie is rumoured to have -

Google Babel : a cross-platform messaging service which will bring together all the Google's fragmented messaging platforms and giving you a clean, easy to use chat experience.

Guest Mode And Incognito Mode : Such a Guest mode would let you use your phone without Google being able to track any of your information. It will also prove beneficial if you have to let someone else use your phone, but don’t want them to look at any of your private details.

Mobile-Gaming Hub

Better location and Time awareness and an Upgraded search facility.

GPS Camera Support

Improved Support for multi tasking

Better and Enhanced version of default Android Keyboard

Better battery life

& Maybe An Enhanced version of Google Now.

Well, it is all Rumour at the moment, but one can be sure that Android Key Lime Pie will be packed with plenty of new and exciting features.

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